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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mont Bleu Room 416

According to Hotel staff, a ghostly spectre walks the 4th floor hallways late at night wailing for help in finding "Jerry" or possibly "Larry". No one knows who any of the these people are, but the hotel staff has taken to calling the spirit "jessica" due to her alleged resemblence to movie star Jessica Alba. The ghost seems very distraught and seems nearly hysterical and runs back and forth through the corridors often for several minutes in a semi transparent state. 

The Haunting seem to take place around room 416, which also may or may not have poltergeist activity. (There is a disagreement over this.The Spirit will not interact with observers and either fades into the shadows of the hallway or rounds a corner and disappears. 


thebscomedy said...

I stayed here last July for an event. We got the room just below room 416, and have experienced many paranormal activities.

Night one, my entire family had difficulty sleeping and was up all night(which is unusual for us)and heard constant banging (like someone above us was running.)
The next morning, just before I jumped into the shower, I believed to hear my mom's voice through the door saying, "What are you doing in there". I opened the door and every one of my siblings were asleep. None of them said they did it. That night, as we returned to our hotel room, we noticed that all of the towels were lying on the floor and that the toilet was clogged. That next night, my two twin sisters both claimed to see a bright, small light coming from the ceiling. We were all freaked out for what was happening.

I decided to Google it, to see if anyone else has ever had past experiences. When I read this article, I knew in-fact that this room is HAUNTED!

TLI74/ex-SU Demo said...

Somebody I know works there and has had encounters with this ghost. She the ghost comes about in a floor dedicated to the Exec., I guess. She appeared in the mirror/glass window. We are trying to find out what she wants.

Jamez said...

There are ghosts all over that property. I worked there for 3 years. I saw, felt, and heard all kinds of things in that building.
Mont Bleu Cafe (Starbucks) backroom is haunted. There's also ghosts in the employee womans locker room bathroom, in the warehouse, and bakery and garde manger. Creepy stuff. Been there, done that.

Thea Knight said...

Love to help. Am local. Am a Minister clairvoyant

Thea Knight said...

YouTube cynthiaknight19 in the search bar I have two easy videos of me being Senior to a spirit.

Thea Knight said...

YouTube cynthiaknight19 in the search bar I have two easy videos of me being Senior to a spirit.

scare the daylights out of me said...

room 719 is also haunted stay in that room twice. The first time i stayed there it was me and my wife we had 2 queen bed so we decided to sleep on separated beds i woke up to use the bathroom it was around between 2 to 3am i was half asleep walking to restroom when i heard the toilet flushing thought it was my wife so i sat down and waited til she was done handling her business before i enter. while i was sitting there half asleep i heard the sink water run so i was like ok shes about done so i sat there waiting for her to open the door and come out but she never did so i got up just about to enter the restroom i turn and look and realize that she was in her bed sleeping the whole time!!! so i open the bathroom to check who the hell was in there when i did there was no one i thought that was really odd but i just shrugged it off and handle my business and went back to bed. now when i laid down just about to sleep i felt someone run their hands down my arms gently i was tired didnt bother me too much the first time but than a few minutes later i felt it again this time it was rough and fast i jumped out of bed pack our stuff and was gone quickly than u can say hello my wife thought i was crazy til i explained everything to her(she still think i was crazy). ok now the second time around we decided to stay there again! was the dumbest thing i ever did. my wife checked in room out of all rooms it had to be that same freakin room talking about bad luck. yea i tried changing room but all rooms were booked so yea stuck in that hell room. after the night of gambling and losing a fortune we were ready to hit the hay. asleep.... 2 to 3am came around some loud growling woke me up didnt know where it was coming from.... than it was gone... i was falling back to sleep closed my eyes just when im about to go to fall asleep the growling came back this time it was loud the room felt cold as soon as i open my eyes theres was a lady with long black hair drenched in water her hair was covering her face she was on top of me!!! she grabbed me with both hands by the arm as if she wanted to hold me down... i yelled as loud as i can my wife woke up turned the light on and than it was gone. i didnt have to explained to my wife that time cause she too had seen it. what she seen was a dark figure on top of me before the lights were turned on. we grabbed our belonging and head straight out of there we than later call the front desk to tell them we had checked out. this room has so many signs the room being cold the water in that room takes nearly 20 to 30 minutes to warm up and i mean only warm up theres no hot water. you also fell really weird as if someones watching you. well thats the scariest thing that ever happened to me almost crap my pants. so watch out for room 719